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About me

About me

42 years old, originally from Mexico City. I moved to Canada in 2002 in search of new opportunities, having lived in Montreal, Calgary and Toronto ever since.

I’ve always wanted to travel around the world, so I studied tourism at the university of Mexico.

Since my teenage years, I’ve had a passion for health, fitness, and cooking, so I completed the CanFit Pro course to further my education.

I practiced my craft in the kitchen making, cooking for myself and friends daily.

Eventually, I found the perfect job – working as a Cabin Crew for Canadian Airline, however, I since discovered that years of flying is hard on the human body.

The high altitude, cabin pressure, exposure to radiation, sleep issues due to timezone changes and weird working hours really makes it hard to stick to a fitness regime… But I couldn’t let that stop me!

I wanted to continue with my fitness goals without letting my line of work become an excuse not to do so. Currently, I have more than 12 years experience in the aviation industry, and my motivation for cooking, health and fitness became a lifestyle along with the job I love.

I’ve always loved to cook, so I prepare my meals and plan ahead with the food that I will carry on my next trip – at least to tie me over until we land and I find food that caters to my diet.

The current diet I follow is the cyclical ketogenic diet – a modified keto-approach which involves a “refeed” day every 7-10 days, depending on your preference and ability to enter ketosis. In between refeeds, you are trying to stay as low carb as possible.

But low-carb versions of your favourite meals usually leave a lot to be desired. The can taste pretty bland, making dietary compliance hard.

Now, I’m Mexican – Mexican cuisine runs in my blood! Some say that I am half man half salsa :lol:. I like  LOVE Mexican food. The problem? I often have to modify certain things because Mexican food can be heavy and rich in carbohydrates. This means no tortillas, no rice, no sugary sauces or lactose-rich dairy products.

Since Mexican food involves a lot of these ingredients, finding a replacement ingredient which tastes just as good is a challenge on it’s own and requires a creative approach to every meal to recreate the same intended flavour.

I’ve since discovered and come up with low-carb, delicious, ketogenic mexican recipes and that’s how this blog was born.

Quite early on, I had the idea in my head that I didn’t want my job having a negative impact on my health.

Given the sporadic schedule of my line of work, some sacrifice is required in order to make time to ensure my health and fitness were a priority. This meant, when I had days off – I would workout. When I made it to my destination, if a gym was available and I had energy – I’ll workout.

In the past I would’ve gone with my work friends for drinks, or dinner, or both. But now, my health and longevity have taken the front-seat so I make the most of my time and ensure that I’m eating well, exercising plenty, getting adequate sleep and ensuring free time for everything in-between.

I truly believe your health is the most valuable currency that one has, that good food fills up “account” whilst bad food puts you “debt”.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I provide, and I hope you benefit from them. My goal is a new recipe every week that you can try, so please, don’t hesitate to subscribe to my mailing list and stay updated!

~Ismael C. H.